*Any customer willing to buy E-currency must have an jiffyex account. CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT HERE if you don't have one already OR LOGIN HERE  with your username and password if you are a registered user.

*Click on BUY

*Input the desired amount of the E-currency you want to buy in US Dollar

*Select the E-currency account type you want to buy/fund.

*Click on PROCEED button to generate a payment invoice with the Transaction number. Copy down our bank information and the transaction reference number from this page. The same will be sent to your registered email.

*Click on CONFIRM TRANSACTION to record/save the transaction or click CANCEL to delete the transaction. (Note that only a confirmed invoice is valid and will be shown in your account history).

*Once a transaction is confirmed, a successful confirmation message showing our bank information and the transaction reference number will be sent to your registered email. Please do check your spam box if you don't get this in the Inbox folder.




*The name of depositor should be either your first name and the Transaction number or your transaction number only. For instance, if your name is UCHE and the transaction number is 829380. Then, the name of depositor could be 829380 BTC or 829380.


In case of an electronic transfer, you must specify your transaction reference number in the memo/remark/message/purpose field provided by the bank website.

NOTICE: We are not a money remittance company or a collection agent, so, we do not accept third party transfer. All funds must originates from yourself only and be ready to provide proof of ownership of funds as may be required.

You do not need to write us after payment as long as you followed the described steps. We will get your details from the received reference number that accompanied your funds. We will alert you via email and SMS as soon as your account is funded.

But in case your order is not fulfilled after 24hrs. You can call us on telephone, Chat with us using the live chat popup or leave a message if we are offline.